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Energy to explore

Climate change and the worldwide increase in energy requirements are among the greatest challenges of our times. In spite of the warnings from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, there are new record values every year for international CO2 emissions. Campo Tures shows that it can also be done differently. Water, sun, wind, and wood…
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Invigorating holidays

Holidays – a time to sit back, unwind, enjoy life and maybe even return home a tiny bit healthier. And what's best: There's no need for doctors and medicine to make all that come true. All it takes is the right mix of good, clean air, unspoilt surroundings and the awareness of nature's own healing…
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Lake Neves

Lake Neves is an artificial lake flanked by three of the highest peaks of the Zillertal Alps. It is located at the bottom and at the top of the Selva dei Molini Valley, a side valley of the Aurina Valley. The lake can be reached from Lappago di Sopra, along a steep and narrow road.…
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The Riva Waterfalls

Here, nature will reward you with some of your best shots. The falls are accessible thanks to the San Francesco trail, leading to the ruins of Tobl Castle. The Riva valley is characterised by the tonalite stones and it is precisely on these rock formations that the three waterfalls originate. The first is 10 metres…
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