Art in Capranica Prenestina

Spend a few hours getting lost among the alleyways and stairs of this peaceful medieval village is an occasion to rediscover the simple things in life: the scent of burned wood emerging from the chimneys of houses, the view of the surrounding mountains or a quick break on the steps of a church. The homes and roads seem to be climbing up the ridge around the nucleus of the Church of Maddalena, which dominates the entire village. Stop in the delightful town square to see the ancient stone well, the bell tower and the magnificent cupola of the Church of Maddalena, attributed to the Bramante school.

The Palazzo Capranica-Barberini was built in the same period, on the wall of an ancient medieval structure of which some traces are still evident today in the division of the interior spaces. Those same spaces are actually home to an interactive natural history museum where visitors can discover the surrounding nature and territory.

The rural Church of Madonna delle Fratte with its beautiful steps and the Palazzo Baronale with its natural arch hollowed out into the rock are both not to be missed.

The tour ends with the descent down Via delle Mura, which offers a clear view over the Apennines to the Capital, and a visit to the Sanctuary of the Mentorella. Legend has it that this sanctuary was built by order of the Emperor Constantine the Great and was consecrated by Pope Sylvester I to the Blessed Virgin. It is also the first sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Christianity and destination of the first pilgrimage out of Rome of Pope John Paul II.

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