Go on a Fraschette crawl

The night is young, flavoursome and fun like a Fraschetta (inn) of Frascati. We recommend that gourmets spend their evenings between May and September roaming the typical Frascati osterias, where folklore, traditional food and wine reign. Taking their name from the ‘frasca’ (branch) that used to be hung out to mark the arrival of the new wine after the grape harvest, they have always been the best representation of Castellan tradition. They originally sold only wine and it was perfectly normal to see the ‘fagottari’, people with bundles of food brought from home, enjoying their meals in company at big tables during the summer. This tradition is kept alive today by Cantina da Santino and Cantina Ceccarelli, while others have expanded their original wares with typical dishes from Roman tradition, such as the Osteria Bucciarelli. We recommend visiting several Fraschette in the same evening, starting at dusk, and eating and drinking a bit here and a bit there. You can dance, sing and party late into the night at all of them.

To organise a tour of the Fraschette, see the Slow Food Community in Frascati and Terre Tuscolane.

Phone: +39 349 5608521

E-mail: slowfoodfrascatitt@tiscali.it

Web site: www.slowfoodlazio.it

Photo credits: @Edoardo Podo

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