The paths of the Hospitable Lands

Whether on horseback, foot or bicycle, the tour of the paths around the Hospitable Lands on the slope of Castelli Romani offers unique natural views and fragments of an archaeological heritage of great value. The route winds around the Regional Park of Castelli Romani for approximately 35 kilometres with diverse variants and starting points in order to adjust the length of the tour to your needs.

The stretch of most archaeological interest leads from Frascati to ancient Tusculum. A shortcut near the paved road that leads to Monte Cavo in the municipality of Rocca di Papa, also offers the chance to make a striking detour on the Via Sacra, the basalt road that lead to the Temple of Jupiter Latiaris in Roman times. The road is perfectly preserved and easy to walk. Adventure into the forest and climb up the side of the mountain until the peak to admire a spectacular panorama over the Lake Nemi and Lake Castel Gandolfo.

To discover the hidden beauties of the area, such as the rocky tombs in Colle delle Grotticelle, we recommend contacting one of the many associations that organise guided visits.

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