Sunset in Castel San Pietro Romano

Watching the sunset from Castel San Pietro Romano, a village known as ‘the balcony of the Roman province’, is an unforgettable experience. The village lies exactly where the acropolis of ancient Praenest once stood, at over 700 metres high, in an enchanted setting that seems almost to be frozen back in time. The view ranges from the crests of the Prenestini Mountains to the North, to the Sacco Valley in the east right up to the Lepini Mountains, the Fiumicino sea and the Eternal City in the same direction.

Castel San Pietro Romano is an obligatory stop for lovers of superb views and photography fans. In fact, it was famous photographer, Adolfo Pastorel, mayor of the village at the time, who proposed it as the natural set for the film ‘Bread, Love and Dreams’, kicking off a tradition in cinema locations for many pearls of Italian Neorealism. If you love Italian cinema, you may recognise the balcony that Vittorio De Sica (Marshall Carotenuto) leaned from and the one opposite of the midwife (Marisa Merlini), the square where Gina Lollobrigida (the Bersagliera) danced with the Marshall and the steep stone streets where the female lead wandered in the saddle of her beloved donkey Barò. Do not forget to visit the beautiful Church of San Pietro, the Colonna Castle and the recently restored Cyclops Wall which dates from the 8th century B.C. You can also dine in one of the typical village restaurants here. And then, late at night enjoy warm cornettis and delicious pizzas fresh from the oven at the Panificio Biscottificio Fiasco.

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