Immerse yourself in nature

We recommend that you begin your nature trail from the north. Lake Occhito is a large reservoir of 14 km2 where you can try your hand at fishing. Heading south, you come to the massif of Monte Cornacchia, the highest peak of Puglia (1,152 metres above sea level), where you can visit the small and shimmering Lake Pescara. The expanse of water and the surrounding forest are a haven for mushrooms and truffles in the autumn, beautiful blooms in spring and intense green in summer, but also for expanses of white in the snowy winters. The lake, that will surprise you in the spring with the flowering of the beautiful aquatic buttercups, is also near the Adventure Park in Biccari (one of the many adventure parks in the area), where you will find hire wire courses. The activities are suitable for adults, children and disabled. Still on the same massif, in the regions of Castelluccio Valmaggiore, Roseto Valfortore, Biccari, Celle San Vito e Faeto, you can leave your car and walk the Frassati di Puglia Path dedicated to Pier Giorgio Frassati, a historic Catholic figure and a lover of the mountains who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1990. The trail is a ring around the Monte Cornacchia and we advise you to follow the path for about 3.3 kilometres between Castelluccio and Celle San Vito, which can be covered in about an hour and a half.

Finally, further south, past Bovino and no more than forty minutes’ drive from Mount Cornacchia, is the Gorge of Pietra di Punta, created by the skill of nature over thousands of years. The visual impact is majestic of many small waterfalls, ponds, and willows which rest on the water or poplars reflected on them. There are also many amphibians, aquatic birds and lush undergrowth. While travelling around, we advise you to be accompanied by expert guides!

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