Going to Festivals

The social life of the gourmet enthusiast is measured by the number of country food festivals that he or she is willing to participate in. These are unique opportunities to taste typical products and traditional recipes, and experience human and culinary biodiversity. Drawing up a calendar of festivals in the Monti Dauni region is a real treat in itself: there are so many in a variety of colours to please all tastes.

From spring to autumn, each season unleashes its own culinary folklore and you almost wish you could be everywhere at the same time to take part in these countless events. In August alone, for example, you have a choice between the Orecchiette Pasta Festival in Deliceto, the Prosciutto Festival in Faeto and the Caciocavallo Cheese, Cavatelli Pasta and Celery Festival in Monteleone di Puglia the Wild Boar Festival of Casalnuovo, the Asparagus and Monti Dauni typical product Festival in Orsara di Puglia and the Cruskele, PizzFritt, recchietelle pasta and typical products of Bovino festival. It’s a hard life!

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