The garden of Peppe Zullo

If you want to see a perfect example of the ‘new Italian cuisine’, which is so attentive to the quality of its raw materials and their religious respect in the kitchen, then you must go to see Peppe Zullo, the chef-farmer (which is how he defines himself) in Orsara di Puglia. Behind this low profile is a great chef who, has unexpectedly developed a winning intuition: to maximise the exceptional raw materials of the Monti Dauni. From here comes the idea of the ‘Garden Restaurant’, with a kitchen nestled amongst the wild leaves: borage, rocket, chicory, wild fennel, wild asparagus, nettles and local herbs such as marasciuoli and bietolina, etc. You can take a gentle stroll around the garden, through the plants and trees along the green path: Peppe will guide you and tell you anecdotes, recipes and traditions of those fruits of the earth, picking the plants as he talks!! At the end of the walk his basket will be loaded full of vegetables and fruits that will be the ingredients to quickly and easily prepare local cuisine in the open air kitchen, located at the end of the garden. He cooks while he’s talking, and those who have followed him taste and smell the scent and taste of all its stories.

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