Hear chatting in Franco-Provençal

The origins of this linguistic island that has preserved itself on the Monti Dauni for centuries are still not clear. According to the most credited hypothesis, the birth of this Franco-Provençal enclave, the only one in southern Italy, is due to Carlo D’Angiò. After defeating the Saracens in Lucera, the French king in 1274 promulgated a decree which recalled from France into this area not only nobles and officials but also a large number of farmers and craftsmen.

The language is still spoken by the locals and handed down in nursery rhymes, poems and old stories. To listen to the musicality of this Romance language, all you need to do is approach one of the inhabitants of these two small areas and ask them to tell you one. To preserve this cultural heritage, Celle di San Vito and Faeto were established as linguistic points of single contact for the Franco-Provençal language. Among other things, Celle di San Vito is distinctive in that it is the smallest Apulian village in the region with 170 inhabitants.

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