Photo shoot up the Monte Cornacchia

Bring your camera and climb up to the highest peak of Puglia from where you can see and capture a landscape that ranges from Gargano to Tavoliere, and from Irpinia the Maiella. From its 1,151 metres, the Monte Cornacchia dominates the Daunia mountains and its most beautiful villages: Faeto, Celle di San Vito, Castelluccio Valmaggiore, Biccari and Roseto Valfortore. If you love photographing unspoilt landscapes you can come in any season. In winter you can admire the charming snow-capped peaks of the mountains. In spring and in summer there are picturesque streams, ponds and a deciduous forest with oaks and cedars. Even the undergrowth can feature in your photo album: beautiful holly, arbetus, cyclamen and thorns are part of the lower vegetation but that does not make them any less worthy. In spring you will find primroses, and in autumn, snowdrops and lilies. If you are lucky, you will also see the wild orchids.

Between taking photographs, you can also relax in the natural area of Lake Pescara, Monte Cornacchia and the Cerasa forest, which has places where you can take a break for a picnic.

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