From Francavilla to Guardiagrele

From Francavilla, a pleasant seaside town bordering the municipality of Pescara, you can’t leave without visiting some of the key points. One of these is the Michetti Museum (MuMi), temple of the art of Francesco Paolo Michetti, who lived here between the 19th and the 20th century. Before taking one of the roads leading to the provincial capital, find time to take a walk along the beautiful golden beach. Once you reach Chieti, concentrate on the traces of the Roman era that enrich the town centre and the beautiful museums in this city. The road from Chieti leading to Guardiagrele is an easy route and in good condition. Following the valley of the river Alento you will pass through green valleys, see the ‘calanchi’ (the typical formations made possible by the action of wind and water for millennia) and you will cross the deviations that lead to the many villages perched on the hills, all worthy of a visit, such as Fara Filorum Petri and S. Martino sulla Marrucina. Then on the highest hill you will find Guardiagrele, a hub for the processing of wrought iron, a centre of haute cuisine which offers wonderful views over the Maiella. Unmissable.

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