From Ortona to Punta Penna – The Trabocchi Coast

Your tour here will pass through a number of vineyards and olive groves and will undoubtedly offer you some beautiful views of the coast below, consisting of blue sea, dark rocks and many fishing huts on stilts (trabocchi). Because here also begins the so-called Trabocchi Coast where the fishing structures, which Gabriele D’Annunzio considered ‘simili a degli enormi ragni’ (‘similar to huge spiders’), have often been converted into small summer restaurants. Along the coast the fishing huts on stilts are evident, one after another, alone or in small groups. The temptation is to stop and admire them one by one because each one has a different personality. The route ends at the Punta Aderci natural reserve and at the beautiful beach of Punta Penna, ideal places for your hiking or canoeing trips, to take a swim and for your bird watching. Avoid the motorway if you can and take the back roads. The green of the vineyards, in fact, will contrast sharply with the blue of the Adriatic Sea.

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