Lanciano and the territory of Aventino

A settlement of pre-Roman origins that thrived in the Middle Ages, Lanciano is worth visiting to discover the four ancient districts and architectural jewels of its old town. From the city of the Eucharistic Miracle the roads to the Aventine Valley are very twisty. Yet what you will see will make up for the effort of driving and you will see a myriad of colours. Travelling from Casoli, perched around the castle and the cathedral, you will encounter Fara San Martino, a pasta town (here a number of famous brand factories are located) in addition to the San Martino Gorges.

Continuing on your tour into the heart of the Maiella don’t miss the highest caves in Europe, those of Cavallone in the municipality of Lama dei Peligni, 1,400 metres above sea level and accessible by a small cable car. A few kilometres from Lama, along the ridge that separates the Aventino and the Sangro valley, is the pretty village of Palena, dominated by the eleventh-century Ducal Castle after which you descend to Gessopalena where we recommend you visit the village of Borgo di Gesso. From here, along the typical country lanes, the route takes you to another wonderful medieval Castle that dominates the village of Roccascalegna and where it is said ‘Jus Primae Noctis’ originated from.

The last essential stop is the naturalistic oasis of Lake Serranella, which extends by 300 hectares around the lake and is one of the most important areas for migratory bird stopover along the Adriatic route.


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