At the school for careers

If you leave the main roads, the province of Chieti immediately becomes an interesting territory in which to discover the food and wine. Here, amidst the impressive mountains and the green hills that stretch down and stand in line overlooking the Adriatic there is still a farming identity and a unique richness of flavours, products and traditions. In fact it is precisely in this area that the Abruzzo Taste School ( was set up, the organisation that promotes the narration of the food and wine identity of the region through publications, reviews, studies, events, guided tastings and very specialist technical refresher courses for the training and accreditation of Taste Guides. The Taste School has promoted the establishment of a network of farmers and craft workers who are characterised by the excellence of their productions and the ability to accommodate small groups of visitors that are interested, even just for one day, in learning something about their craft. From this stemmed a series of authentic and exciting experiences that are proposed by the School in harmony with the season, actual courses that offer the opportunity to work with teachers and to learn directly from them the agricultural-related tasks vegetable garden cultivation, the preparation of traditional dishes of rural cuisine and the processing of meat, milk and cereals to produce cured meats, cheeses, bread and cakes.

Photo credits: @Edoardo Podo

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