Replenish with wine and oil

Visiting the province of Chieti means travelling around a hilly area rich in olive trees and vineyards. Thanks to the geopedological characteristics of the land and to the important thermal variations between day and night that characterise the climate of these hills located between the Adriatic Sea and the Maiella massif, these crops produce fruit of excellent quality, rich in aromas and flavours. This is therefore an excellent opportunity to replenish with wine and oil, in addition to taking advantage, in most cases, of one of the best quality-price ratios in the country. The province of Chieti accommodates approximately 75% of the vineyards of the entire region: the red Montepulciano d’Abruzzo grape, the undisputed master of the Abruzzan vines, the white Trebbiano d’Abruzzo grapes and a number of other native varieties such as the Pecorino or the Cococciola.

Characteristic of this area is the presence, together with many private wineries, of several large cooperatives of winegrowers. These are the ‘social wineries’, a reality within which a new generation of managers, oenologists and agronomists has developed, who are very attentive to quality. Some recommendations for your ‘every day’ wine purchases: the white organic Pecorino of the Frentana winery, the white bag in box wines from the social winery of Ortona, the Montepulciano bag in box wines from the social winery of Scerni.

For oil also, with over 100,000 quintals produced annually, the Chieti province holds the regional record. In this case also, it is advisable to purchase the canned or bag in box oils, perhaps combining this with the purchase of a number of mono-variety bottles of superior sensory depth such as the Gentile di Chieti, the Nebbio and the Intosso.

Photo credits: @Edoardo Podo

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