Outdoor in the Aventino Valley

The Aventino Valley, that surrounds the Eastern Maiella from Casoli to Palena, offers a very interesting range of services and opportunities for those seeking to organise one or several day outdoors.

- Rafting on the Aventino: the river, thanks to its easy, rapid and adequate gradient, has become a point of reference for fans of rafting. The services offered include school and trips in large and small rubber dinghies and by kayak.

- Walks to see the spectacular Gorges of San Martino and the ruins of the seventh-century Monastery at San Martino in Valle (Fara San Martino).

- Visit to the Caves of Cavallone (Taranta Peligna), the highest natural caves in Europe (they are open during the summer months but it is advisable to phone beforehand to be on the safe side). A basket lift ascends up to 1,400 meters, close to the entrance of the spectacular speleological route, that is approximately 1,200 metres long.

- There are a number of trips with an overnight stay at altitude: from Lama dei Peligni (2 hours) or from the Cave of Cavallone (30 minutes), you can reach the Fonte Tarì Mountain Hut which is well equipped (it sleeps 13/18 persons, with beds, gas cooker, bathroom, electricity and wood-burning stove), an ideal base camp from which to then ascend to Monte Amaro.

- The Madonna dell’Altare Hermitage: this Celestine Hermitage, which is also a hostel (info +39 348 5306292) can be reached by car or on foot from Palena.
- Iuvanum (Montenerodomo), which was the Samnite sanctuary of the people of the Carricini, a Roman city and Benedictine monastery, is today an archaeological park with a museum that is well worth a visit.

- Picnic: two places that are recommended for a wonderful picnic with BBQ facilities in the valley are the Fonte della Noce (Lettopalena) and Parco delle Acque Vive (Taranta Peligna).

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