On the trail of Cenacle

Francesco Paolo Michetti, genius and eclectic painter of the second half of the 19th century, founded in Francavilla al Mare, in the old Franciscan convent of Santa Maria del Gesù, which he himself had purchased and renovated, the Cenacle, thus initiating a unique experience of artistic communion between a painter, a musician and a poet (‘great’ is an appropriate adjective for each of them). In fact after a visit to the Michetti Convent (the Il Conventino Michetti Cultural Association, conventomichetti@gmail.com, +39 338 6341119), breathing in that particular atmosphere, it is worth taking in ‘the Cenacle route’ that, to merit its name, should include at least one of the following stop-offs.

- A visit to the MuMi (Michetti museum), within walking distance of the Convent, in whose auditorium in the basement are exhibited two large canvases, unforgettable works of Michetti: ‘Le serpi’ (The snakes) and ‘Gli storpi’ (The cripples); also of interest on the first and second floors are the paintings which have been awarded the ‘Michetti Prize’ starting from the first edition in 1947.

- A walk in Pescara, to the Palazzo della Provincia, to see ‘La figlia di Lorio’ (Lorio’s Daughter), another famous work by the artist, with a visit to the D’Annunzio Birth Museum House which occupies the first floor of the building where the poet was born and spent his childhood and which still retains the original 19th century atmosphere.

- Complete the walk in the historic district of Terravecchia in Ortona where, in the Renaissance Palazzo Corvo, the Tostiano National Institute is located with the Music Museum of Abruzzo (with the annexed Francesco Paolo Tosti Archive), designed to exhibit the heritage related to Francesco Paolo Tosti.

But the true Cenacle Route cannot end here because from the Maiella to the fishing huts on stilts there are many places that have inspired these artists, true lovers of the myth of their land, all for you to discover and to enjoy the emotion.


Photo credits: @Green Maiella LAG

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