An unforgettable dinner

In addition to the company and to the mixture of feelings that make the time spent together precious, what are the elements that contribute to making a dinner unforgettable? At the table each of us probably has their own ‘emotional buttons’ and when the right ones are pressed, the spell is cast. Let’s consider a few. Sublime cuisine has always been the one that reaches the stars... Michelin ones of course! In this area there are two destinations, one of land and the other of sea, and just to be clear:

- Villa Maiella: just a stone’s throw from the village of Guardiagrele, the Tinari family successfully offers fine and typical cuisine using the best raw materials from the territory, many of which are home produced (such as the magnificent black pigs).

- Al Metrò (San Salvo): here Nicola Fossaceca celebrates an extraordinary compromise between innovation and tradition, transforming seafood cuisine into dishes of exciting simplicity.

A magical atmosphere. Without beating around the bush: the Trabocchi Coast is the best place. Many of these archaic ‘fishing machines’ projecting out over the sea in summer become restaurants. On ‘firmer’ ground various sea taverns will reserve you the privilege of a special view. The tastes from the past, i.e. those that you thought no longer existed. Two recommendations: the fish broth and the Frentana rural cuisine. For the fish broth and the other specialities of traditional fish cuisine, refer to: Trattoria San Domenico in Ortona; l’Angolino da Filippo, a historic restaurant in San Vito; Trattoria da Ferri in Punta Penne (Vasto); Hostaria del Pavone and Cibo Matto in Vasto. The Frentana rural cuisine will amaze you with its strong and regional identity. Here are some dishes you must try at all costs: lu rintrocele (hand-made spaghetti), sagne a pezze (diamond-shaped fresh pasta), spaghetti alla trappetara (spaghetti with oil, garlic and chilli pepper), pizz’ e foje (pizza and leaf vegetables), pallotte cace e ove (balls of cheese, egg and stale breadcrumbs), coniglio sotto il coppo (rabbit cooked in a pan placed on the rotating plate of a wood kiln and beneath a cone-shaped lid in turn covered with embers) and cif e ciaf (a rabbit stew with the addition of white wine and peppers), strictly accompanied by the scima pizza, unleavened focaccia bread.

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