Hospitable Lands


The Hospitable Lands project brings together five LAGs – LOCAL ACTION GROUPS, in which public and private companies are integrated for the development of a rural area – distributed across different Italian regions: the ‘Castelli Romani and Monti Prenestini’ LAG in the province of Rome in Lazio, the ‘Meridaunia’ LAG in the province of Foggia in Puglia, the ‘Green Maiella’ LAG that covers the entire province of Chieti in Abruzzo, together with the ‘Ulten Valley – High Non Valley – Martello Valley’ and the ‘Tures and Aurina Valley’ LAGs in Trentino.

The project supports the local communities of farmers and producers, craftsmen, restaurateurs and hospitality operators, united by a common focus on the high value of hospitality, through the development of joint promotional tools: the coordinated image, the website, and a series of five tourist guides - where itineraries and things not to miss in order to get to know the local nature, culture, art, folklore and gastronomy can be found.

Under the banner of green tourism, that evaluates the typical nature, sustainability and quality of food and places, the traveller is invited to discover these lands, their hidden treasures and their traditions. In particular, the exclusivity of wine and food products and of the typical dishes becomes the fil rouge of a journey across Italy, from the Strawberry Festival in the Martello Valley to a tasting of ‘formaggio grigio’ (literally ‘grey cheese’, a strongly flavoured, rennet-free cheese made from cow milk) produced in alpine huts in the Tures and Aurina Valleys, from an evening spent in a fraschetta (typical Frascati inn) sipping a glass of Cannellino di Frascati, to the Festival of Faeto Prosciutto in the Monti Dauni in Puglia, all the way to a fish dinner in a typical trabocco (fishing hut on stilts) on the coast in the province of Chieti.
The infinite diversity of flavours, aromas, colours, yet also the faces and stories of the Hospitable Lands, finally find scope in a structured project of promotion and valorisation, inspired by attention to respect for their value and by protection of the sites and of their identity.

Photo credits: @Green Maiella LAG