Primary activities of the project

The development of the Hospitable Lands supply network is based, on the one hand, on the verification, the organisation and the improved management of components that already exist in the territories, and on the other, on the transfer of experiences and the development of processes designed to provide structure and visibility to the identity of the territorial offer. The project was launched with the support of intense activity across the territory on the part of LAGs, for mapping of local operators that meet specific quality criteria and that have a close bond with the land, in order to develop the ‘Hospitable Lands’ supply network. The latter includes both typical and traditional agricultural food production, as well as the reception system intended as a cultural, natural, social and services related heritage.

After the necessary information for the development of the tourism offer was collected, communication related products and joint distribution strategies were created, such as the definition of the corporate identity, the website and a series of tourist guides (one for each territory concerned), in each of which routes that integrate nature, landscapes, history and culture, art, folklore, food and wine are recommended.

With the project, the promotion of the tourism offer was also supported through participation in major industry related fairs and events of international importance among which, in particular, participation in the ˈSalone del Gustoˈ 2014 and 2015 food fair, in which the Hospitable Lands group participated with a stand where tasting workshops and meetings presenting the five territories and other initiatives of a territorial nature took place.

Photo credits: @Blickle

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