The giant cake of the Strawberry Festival

The Val Martello is also known as the Strawberry Valley. Those who visit during the summer months, when the valley appears to paint itself in red, will soon understand the fitting definition. The harvesting begins during the last weekend of June and is celebrated with the Alto Adigien Strawberry Festival, during which the fruit is offered in baskets, to be savoured fresh rich with mountain fragrance, or as various types of jams and syrups. Prepare your mind and your taste buds: the specialities are so exceptionally good that you will need to taste them all. These specialities are dominated by the traditional 25 square metre giant cake, already entered in the Guinness Book of Records, whose cutting opens the festival. The cake consists of a masterful mix of shortcrust pastry, cream, yoghurt and of course, strawberries.


Photo credits: @Blickle

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