The life of an old farmstead at Culturamartell

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this interesting museum of rural culture, built in the middle of the Stelvio National Park. It is a genuine monument and tribute to the demanding daily lives of the local Martello Valley farmers, to their character shaped by the mountains and to their tenacity that made possible their adaptation to a wonderful territory to see, yet challenging to live. Visitors can step inside an old country ‘stube’, the main room of the farmstead dominated by the stove and with furniture reconstructed with great care. On the table, a large pan surrounded by several tablespoons narrates the story of many diners who used to eat from a single collective container. In another corner, a wool-winder tells of a grandmother spinning wool while singing a soft lullaby for a child resting in a wooden cradle. Much is left to the imagination of the visitor and much is also told by a screen that diffuses testimonies of the old lifestyle, such as an interview with Martello Valley’s last midwife, who narrates stories and anecdotes related to home births.

Culturamartell Museum
Phone: 0473 745027
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Photo credits: @Bodini

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