A gourmet tour at Lake Gioveretto

When on holiday, there is nothing more satisfying than combining the pleasure of sight with that of the palate. The operators of the Laces-Val Martello Tourism Association must have thought so as well. During the summer months, the Association organises gourmet tours around Lake Gioveretto, set among the magnificent views of the mountains, the high glaciers and the emerald green waters of the lake. It is a route that implicates all the senses, yet above all the taste, with a selection of typical cured meats and cheeses, knödel dumplings, strawberry cakes and herbal infusions. The entire day is spent surrounded by food, games and shopping, as many craftsmen participate in this initiative by bringing their stands. The highlight of the trip is a visit to the Lake Gioveretto dam, one of the most impressive dams in Italy, towering at 85 metres in height and offering a unique view of the lake, the valley, the alpine peaks and the glaciers.

Photo credits: @Heidi Hintereck

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