The Predoi Climatic Centre

The Predoi Climatic Centre is a truly unique place. The centre is located in a section of the decommissioned copper mine, deep in the bowels of the mountain, at a distance of 1,100 metres from the outer surface. It is thus characterised by exceptional climatic conditions. In particular, the circulation of very clean air, without the slightest trace of pollutants, thanks to the significant distance from the already healthy external environment of the Alps. The centre is an important treatment location for individuals suffering from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, sinus infections or those recovering from pertussis (or whooping cough).

The centre is reached on board a small train, following the route that once brought miners into the old tunnels, and consists of a series of rooms equipped with comfortable armchairs where guests sit for 2 hours, breathing the uncontaminated air of the place. The therapy typically lasts two weeks. Several studies have demonstrated its benefits to those suffering from breathing problems, yet even those without respiratory problems can take advantage of a regenerating session. The centre is open year-round and welcomes between 7,000 and 8,000 visitors per year.

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Phone: +39 0474 654523
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Photo credits: @Valle Tures and Aurina turism association

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