Lake Neves is an artificial lake flanked by three of the highest peaks of the Zillertal Alps.
It is located at the bottom and at the top of the Selva dei Molini Valley, a side valley of the Aurina Valley. The lake can be reached from Lappago di Sopra, along a steep and narrow road. During the winter the road is closed and usually reopens in May. The lake lies at an elevation of 1,860 metres and is characterised by a 94.66 meters dam, the tallest in the Alto Adige region. The dam is open from May to October. An easy trail also winds around Lake Neves.

However, Lake Neves is not often the final destination, but rather the starting point for hiking excursions into the mountains, as well as for springtime ski touring itineraries. The Lake is located in the heart of the Zillertal Alps and is flanked by the Punta Bianca, Cima di Campo and Gran Mesule peaks. The excursion to the Ponte di Ghiaccio alpine shelter is also quite popular, a rest point for hiking excursions into the mountains.

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