The power of water

‘The power of water’ is the motto of four themed trails in the Selva dei Molini Valley, suitable for walkers who love nature and knowledge.

1. The power of water: a circular route around the artificial lake of Selva dei Molini. It is the shortest and most accessible one, and is a real pleasure all year round.

2. Water and Wheel: the ‘Water and Wheel’ trail takes visitors to Selva di Dentro and the world of mills, highlighting the dangers that the power of water can conceal.

3. Lappago Gorge: a more challenging trail, but completely safe, that takes you through the Lappago Gorge. This third journey can be perfectly combined with a circular hike that starts and ends in the village of Lappago, at the ‘Magic of Water’ museum.

4. Lake Neves: the circular route around Lake Neves is the last Alpine circuit and is a special attraction of this varied chain made up of stones, creeks, sand, sun, whirlpools, peace, fog, ice and snow.


Photo credits: @Valle Tures and Aurina turism association - Hansi Heckmair

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