Trails of the Predoi borders

The ‘Trails of the Predoi Borders’ constitute a network of various trails. First of all, we start from the trail that leads to the Rifugio Gioco Lungo, located at the watershed between the Adriatic Sea and the Black Sea. You come to a shelter built in 1887, in the Vedrette di Ries-Aurina Park. The ascent up the Valle Rossa (Röttal) takes you through a beautiful wide valley, from Casere, on the watercourse of the Aurino river, crossing wooden bridges and across alpine refreshment huts. Then, of course, comes the shelter, with its wonderful view of the Pizzo Rosso (Rötspitze) (3,495 m). Then we go down to the Valle del Vento (Windtal) and return to the starting point. The second border trail is the High Route, which passes through various pastures, the Valle della Lepre (Hasental) and the Croda Bianca (Weißzint), which is of medium difficulty and requires at least six hours. Then, the border trail of the Tauern Pass, along the Lausitzer High Route towards the Forcella del Picco (Birnlücke), at 2,667 metres above sea level, which takes eight hours and has a difference in altitude of over a thousand metres. Then there is the Passo del Cane (Hundskehljoch) trail, towards the Forcella di Campo, and finally the Valle del Vento (Windtal) - Valle Rossa (Röttal) trail, which was used until the First World War for transporting goods. The views are breath-taking; the walks are unforgettable.



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