The Riva Waterfalls

Here, nature will reward you with some of your best shots. The falls are accessible thanks to the San Francesco trail, leading to the ruins of Tobl Castle. The Riva valley is characterised by the tonalite stones and it is precisely on these rock formations that the three waterfalls originate. The first is 10 metres high, the second a little taller, while the third waterfall is over 40 meters, a grandiose spectacle!

The health effects of the falls are also worth noting. Tiny airborne particles of moisture are dispersed in their vicinity, capable of penetrating deep into the respiratory tract and lungs, purifying the tissues. Analysis performed by the Paracelsus University of Salzburg has proven that the Riva waterfalls offer an ideal place for taking advantage of the beneficial effect of these negatively charged ions released from the impact of water on rocks. After spending an hour in this place, the rate of self-purification of the upper respiratory tract increased by 30% in the individuals tested, the quality of breathing increased by 24% and self-perceived stress was actually reduced by half.

Photo credits: @Valle Tures and Aurina turism association

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