The dairies of the Valleys

Here, where for centuries milk was the main source of nutrition, cheese-making has become an art form. You will certainly not be disappointed if you take a guided tour of the Selva dei Molini dairies, even if you are not a fan of this type of product. A guide will accompany you through the production sites, and from one farmstead to another, so that you can taste the different varieties and see the various phases of cheese-making. Your fascinating journey will lead you to discover the most authentic flavours of this area, such as ‘formaggio grigio’ (literally ‘grey cheese’, a strongly flavoured, rennet-free cheese made from cow milk) or ‘Ahrntaler Graukäse’ with its bold colour, strong taste and pungent smell. It is made from skimmed sour milk, and until a few years ago was considered a food for the poor. Those with more discerning palates, however, appreciated the uniqueness of this product, and soon ‘formaggio grigio’ was given the status of a Slow Food Presidium.

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