The farmers’ markets

Man does not live by bread alone, and the farmers of these valleys certainly did not. Over the millennia, they learned to make the best out of all that nature in Alto Adige has to offer. Silver fir honey, herbal salts, bath scents and calendula ointment are some of the handicraft treasures originating from this land. You can find them every week in the agricultural markets, which have been frequented by small producers ever since. Here you will find manufacturers of juniper brandy and craftsmen who make slippers, confectioners with their poppy krapfen (doughnuts) and sweet cherries; there are cheese-makers, and farmers selling pumpkins and potatoes. If you are hungry, we recommend a couple of slices of rye bread with speck ham. And to take home with you, a nice pot of blueberry jam.

For information:
Tourist Information Valli di Tures e Aurina/Tauferer Ahrntal
Campo Tures/Sand in Taufers: +39 0474 678076
Valle Aurina/Ahrntal: +39 0474 671136
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