The best organic products

A chef, a farmer, a hotelier and a trader. Put them all together and you get Ahrntal Natur, a brand of organic produce from Alto Adige, offering the ‘best’ of the mountains of the Valle Aurina. Ahrntal Natur is a regional association established in order to market local farm products which are made using the same ingredients as centuries ago. The initiative involves 912 farms and 183 mountain pastures, and there is a vast choice of products including sugar beet molasses, poultry, cheese and aromatic herbs. During your stay you may taste some of these delicious products at your hotel or gasthof (typical inn), or hear people singing their praises during a tourist visit. If you wish to take some of these delicacies home, remember to look for the Tures Castle label on the packaging or in stores. Built almost a thousand years ago at the entrance of the valley, it is the symbol of the area; so, naturally, it became the symbol of its best produce.

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