There it stands, imposing and majestic, the Tures Castle: at a glance it’s as if you’re back in the 13th century. It stands intact at the entrance of the Aurina Valley, a testimony to the ancient prestige of the lords of Tures. Surrounded by green forests with glaciers in the background, you will be enchanted by the castle at first sight. Explore within its walls and breathe in all its atmosphere. Walk through the streets surrounding the complex, admiring the defence systems that made it an impregnable fortress, and then enter the medieval rooms where you can admire the armoury, the frescoed chapel, wood-panelled rooms and fine majolica-tiled stoves. The complex was abandoned in 1340, and restored from 1907 by Ludwig von Lobmayr. Today it reflects all the parts of the original structure. The castle’s austere charm attracts 75,000 visitors each year.

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