The school of bobbin lace-making in Predoi

At the end of the 1800s, three girls from Predoi went to study bobbin lace-making in Vienna, and on their return, Anna Mittermair, the more talented of the three, became the first teacher of this art in a school initially managed by the local parish priest. The school was mainly frequented by the miners’ wives who had more free time than the busy farmers’ wives. When the Predoi copper mine closed in 1893, the parish priests Johann Pescosta and Franz Josef Kleinlercher (director of the school) did everything they could to save the families of former miners from poverty, directing their wives, who already dealt with the direct sale of lace, toward lace-making itself. Over time the school has taught a good deal of very talented lace-makers, and in 1970 it was awarded the state prize of the State of Bavaria and the gold medal at the Munich Craft Fair. In 1994 the school was re-founded and turned into an association with its own statute and administrative leadership.

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