Visit the mine of Predoi

Descending deep into the mine of Predoi is a true adventure. Miners have wielded their pick-axes here for over five centuries in search of copper. Put on your helmet and raincoat, and the adventurous journey begins on a small train that runs horizontally for a kilometre into the heart of the mountain, through a tunnel that becomes increasingly narrow and dark. Once off the train, you continue on foot through underground passages and the narrowest of tunnels. A guide will tell you about the hard days of the miners and the working cycle of copper, which was mined here as early as the 1st millennium B.C. The route is dotted with illuminated recesses, within which you can see life-size dummies representing miners at work in various stages of metal extraction. After the tour, in the heart of the mountain a reconstruction of a miner's house awaits you.

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Phone: +39 0474 654298
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Photo credits: @Tures and Aurina Valleys turism association

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